Annual SSC Regatta and Fireball Leinsters – FULL RESULTS/PHOTOs

Our Annual SSC Regatta  was held this year on July 15th and 16th including the  Howth to Skerries cruiser race for the Rockabill Cup.  This year we are joined by the Fireballs who were completing their Leinster event.  All results below:-

Press Release – Mermaids

Photos thanks to Susan Roundtree.



Congratulations to:

  • Stephen Quinn of Lambay Rules on winning the Rockabill Cup,
  • Darragh Mc Cormack on winning the Brown Cow and Red Island Cups,
  • Colin Collins/Jim Boylan on winning the Cavan Crystal Trophy and
  • Tom Fox of RSC on winning the Brien Leahy Trophy.