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If you are a Skipper looking for crew or a shore bound enthusiast looking to get afloat then fill in the relevant form under the Crew Finder Menu and we will post your advert on this page.

Crew Available – Posted 10/05/2015

Name: Rory O’Connor

Available: Weekends and most weekdays

Boat Type: Cruiser and/or Dinghy

Sailing Preference: Cruising/Day Sailing and Racing

Experience: Intermediate

I’ve sailed to France on the Tall Ships race & I’ve got quite a lot of experience sailing Mirrors both in Skerrries and Nationally. I also owned a Laser 2 for 3 years, where I sailed regularly in Skerries.  It would be great to hear from you guys.

Phone: 083 4537520


Crew Available – Posted 09/03/2015

Name: Leva Lakute

Available: Thursdays and Weekends

Boat Type: Cruiser or Dinghy

Interested in Racing

Experience: Beginner

Phone: 0863982122