Cruising Events

2018 Summer Season Events

The following are events organised by or of interest to Skerries cruising sailors.  As with all plans of this type, weather and other circumstances may bring about changes. Some of the events are listed as races but cruising in company has always been welcomed.

15th Irish Boat Jumble at Carrickfergus Sailing Club
21st Launching of Cruisers on Skerries Pier
5th-7th SSC Carlingford Race
1st-4th SSC Isle of Man Race starting 20:00
2nd BLUE AIR (Brian Lennon) to Isles of Scilly for 2 weeks

IDLE HOURS (Neal Roche) to Isles of Scilly

HELM’S DEEP (Paul Harrison) to France
15th-17th Irish Maritime Festival 2018 in Drogheda Port
23rd Cruising Association Ireland trip to Greystones
Late June ROCKABILL (Garry Owens) to the Severn Estuary (to mid July)
14th-24th Cruising Association Ireland trip to the Clyde
15th RHIANNON (Noel Lappin) to the Clyde joining CAI cruise, later Crinan Canal.
ETE (Padraig Coistealbha) to Clyde and Crinan canal around the same time.
End July and early August PREMIER CRU (Alan Jackson) to Skelligs area.
18th Cruising Association Ireland trip to Skerries
RHIANNON (Noel Lappin) to Anglesey for a week.
15th-16th Cruising Association Ireland trip to Liffey

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