The GP14 at Skerries Sailing Club

Jack Holt, sponsored by Yachting World magazine, designed the original GP14 (General Purpose, 14 foot) in 1949 for home construction. The familiar Bell symbol on the sail is taken from the identity of the first builder of kits for the boat, Bell Woodworking in England.

Since its initial launch there have been many changes to the boat but the outer hull shape and deck have remained basically unaltered.

Almost 14,000 GP14s have been built to date and the class is active in the UK, Ireland, Australia and South Africa. Skerries Sailing Club hosted the World championships in 1997 and the official opening by President Mary Robinson is commemorated by a plaque in the club entrance hallway.

The GP14 fleet is a very active class and has sailed in Skerries since 1968.

Whether you are a beginner, eager to learn how to sail, or an experienced sailor looking for good competitive racing, then the GP14 fleet will make you welcome. According to the GP14 International Class website, many of the World’s successful sailors learnt to sail in a GP14, including Ellen MacArthur and several winners of other national and international classes, the Admirals Cup and the Olympics. Beginners in Skerries will particularly welcome the wealth of experience we offer in buying and sailing your first boat. Contact the class captain above and arrangements will be made to meet you at the club.

GP14 Specifications:
LOA: 4.27 m
Beam: 1.54 m
Minimum weight: 132.9 kg
Sail area: main & jib 12.85 m²  spinnaker 8.4 m²

Cathal Sheridan – Class captain
087 918 1164