Welcome to the Junior Section of Skerries Sailing Club

The Junior section is busy and vibrant with approximately 90 sailing members. Most of our sailors start in Optimists from the age of 8 and can then move on to Mirrors, Toppers and Lasers as teenagers. Children join the club as cadet members. They can then participate in training, regattas and have use of the club facilities.
Children of 8 -12 years usually begin by doing our 'Taste of Sailing' course, run each year in May over three evenings. The course aims to introduce the basic ideas of sailing to the children and to give them at least two experiences of being out on the water in a boat with a more experienced sailor.

"Fun and Family"
For 2011, The Junior Committee have adopted a “Fun & Family” theme for the sailing year. Sailing is not only about racing, but participation, enjoyment and friends. Strengthening current friendships and making new ones on and off the water. In the 2011 Calendar we have Sailing Picnics, Juniors in Cruisers, Adult and child sailing evenings and other events planned, to make 2011 another great year for all the Junior sailors and their parents in SSC.

ISA courses
Skerries offers the full range of ISA (Irish Sailing Association, which awardsrecognised certificates) courses during the month of July. Children who have done the 'Taste of Sailing' often then do the Level 1 course. More experienced sailors do Levels 2, 3 and 4.We have also offer a 'Fun' sailing course at two different levels and age groups. All instructors are fully qualified. For 2011 we plan to run the ISA course from mid June to late July with weekly Level 1 courses (Exact Dates will be published shortly). More details and an application form, will be made available at that time.

Once a child has completed a Level 1 course they can join in the training programme. 6 - 8 week sessions of training are planned in the spring and early summer and also in the autumn (the 'Frostbite' training). Training takes place on Sunday mornings and is very popular. Groups are organised for different levels of experience. All our coaches are experienced sailors, some are parents and many have raced at national and international level.  All coaches have a good understanding of teaching children.  Training covers basic sailing skills, how to have fun safely in the water and racing skills for those who wish to compete further.

Children are also encouraged and supported to get involved in racing. Those with level 3+ ISA certification, race on Wednesday evenings during the summer months in the main bay. For those less experienced junior sailors, we provide two weekly racing opportunities, one Midweek plus Weekend. The first Thursday night midweek racing series will begin June 9thfor four weeks, while the first Saturday series will start on July 9th. We also support our children who go to racing events Nationwide and around Europe.

Club Boats
We have a small number of club optimists and training boats for hire.These are hired  on a short term basis to cadet members to see if they want to get more seriously involved in sailing before buying their own boat.Preference will be given to children who have not hired boats before.  There is plenty of informal 'buy and sell' going on in the club and the club website and getting hold of a beginner boat is not difficult. Hiring a club boat can be a great inexpensive way for your child to try out sailing before investing in their own boat.

Sailing is not a 'drop and go' activity for parents.We are completely dependent on a high level of parental participation, in terms of launching and recovering RIBs (safety boats), helping to crew them, helping the children to rig and launch their boats, kitchen duties etc

We also have a Regatta every year in which we encourage all children to participate, whatever their level. This year’s Regatta takes place on Saturday 7th . More details will be on our event page shortly.

Getting involved in helping is a key way to get to know other people in the club. Parent social nights are also organised by the Junior Committee in the club.

We look forward to seeing you down in the club.

On behalf of the Junior Committee

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