Junior Event Reports

IODAI Ulster’s RNIYC 2011
The Optimist Ulster’s took place in RNIYC on the 11th and 12th of June. There was a slight bit of wind on Saturday but it died down through the day. The first race got off to a good start with all the Skerries sailors having a great race, well done to them all! The second race was going fast for the Juniors until we came to the second leg of the beat and the wind died down so much that only ten sailors finished. A similar race for the seniors, but it didn’t affect them as much. By the time the third race was started the wind was completely gone and as a result they had to abandon the race. After derigging they fed us chicken nuggets and chips. Well done to RNIYC for the best meal so far!

Sunday was a completely different day. There was a good bit of wind and it was very gusty as well. The first race ended well for the Skerries sailors, with Colin coming 7th, Alix 9th, Ben 11th Emma 21st , Ross 29th and Nell 46th, and for the Seniors, Sean coming 5th, Megan 15th and Bill 26th. The second race was very much the same, but with the wind still picking up through the race. In the Juniors Ben came 3rd, Colin 8th, Alix 17th, Ross 24th , Emma 28th and Nell 46th(Black Flagged). While in the Seniors Bill came 12th, Sean came 19th, and Megan came 28th. The third race was the last race of the event, with Skerries sailors doing great again. Only a few sailors didn’t finish that race. I was one of them L . In the End Colin was the only one who took home a trophy, for 1st Junior Silver, but all the rest having great results as well. Go Skerries !


Overall Skerries Results:

Seniors: Sean Waddilove 8th, Bill Staunton 14th and Megan Parker 16th

Juniors: Colin O’Sullivan 4th (1st Silver), Ben Walsh 7th (6th Gold), Ros Morgan 17th (8th Silver) Alix Buckley 22nd (13th Silver), Emma Parker 29th (20th Silver) and Nell Staunton 40th (31st Silver)

Colin O’Sullivan has now been promoted to the Junior Gold Fleet.

Full results : http://www.iodai.com/live/1296.html

The Optimist Leinsters took place at the NYC on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th.
A late start was planed for Saturday but it was about to get later. The race officer went out to check
the wind outside the harbour as it was 18 knts gusting 30.. Eventually at around 1 o’clock we started
launching after the HSS had departed. The races were held at the right of the harbour with the windward
mark nearly touching the East Pier. It was so close that onlookers on the pier had a great time taking photos
of capsized Oppies. Race 1 was held in very gusting conditions and random shifts. Race 2 and the wind had
dropped a little and the legs were starting to get sore but the race officer needed one more race as Sunday was looking very windy. Race 3 was held in the same conditions as race 2 but this time the wind was varying
between 8 knts and 30 knts at times. After 3 races the fleet was sent ashore just in time for the match.

Hard luck Leinster! . Day 2 started with a postponement flag again as the race officer went out to check the wind.
We launched shortly after and the wind was even stronger. Good for the heavier sailors but challenging for the
lighter ones ( Ros , Ben , Alix , Emma L) . One race was completed with a lot of Black Flags given in the senior
fleet myself being one of those people. Well done to any one who completed that race. It was a fantastic event and after four races and 1 discard the final results were in.

The winner of the junior fleet was Ronan Courname and congratulations to Adam Hyland winner of the senior fleet. Results for Skerries were Sean Waddilove 2nd , Meagan Parker 15th , Bill Stuanton 25th and for the juniors it was Colin O Sullivan 5th , Ben Walsh 8th ,  Emma Parker 29th , Nelll Stuanton 30th ,Alix Buckley 33rd & Ros Morgan 39th .

Well done Skerries!

Galway - Inside Report
Just back from Galway and exhausted. Weather conditions were cold and really windy. On Saturday we only got one race in. It was getting even windier so they had to send us ashore. On Sunday only Gold Fleet went out and
the Silver Fleet was abandoned. The Gold Fleet go three races in on Sunday so in total Four races were sailed
but the Silver fleet only got one race. The Silver Fleet sailors got average points for the rest of the races.

It was really windy out there but everyone worked really hard, even if they didn't finish any of the races. In the end Skerries did really well. Sean came 5th overall, Bill came 16th overall and I came 12th in the Seniors. Then Ben finished 11th in the Junior fleet and 4th in the Silver and Alix, Nell, Emma and Ross all came joint 15th. Sadhbh did great in the Regatta fleet but was disappointed she was not allowed out to sail.
Well done to everyone and let's just do as well in the Leinsters.


Connachts regional’s
The 2011 Connachts regional’s took place in Galway bay sailing club at the weekend. This was the first regional event of the season and unfortunately the wind played havoc with the event.

Skerries were represented by Sadhbh Culleton, Sean Waddilove, Megan Parker, Bill Staunton, Ben Walsh, Ros Morgan, Emma Parker, Nell Staunton, Colin O'Sullivan and Alix Buckley. In the Senior Fleet Sean Waddilove came 5th, Megan Parker 12th and Bill Staunton 15th out of a fleet of 41. While in the Junior Fleet, Ben Walsh 11th ( 4th Junior Silver) and Ros Morgan, Emma Parker, Nell Staunton, Colin O'Sullivan and Alix Buckley were joint 15th ( joint 7th Junior Silver).
Sadhbh Culleton represented SSC in the Regatta Fleet.
Well Done to all who partisipated and a particular congratualtions to Sean and Ben who took home prizes.

Craftinsure RStGYC Spring Open - Sat 19th & Sunday 20th March

This was the first time this event was run, and the first competitive event for 2011. It was open to Optimists, Laser (4.7 + Radial), 420’s, and RS Fevas.

There were 25 in Junior, 27 in Senior main fleet, and 16 in Regatta fleet.

Race 1 got underway around 12 o’clock. It started getting windy ½ way through, with many capsizes and boats swamping (19 knots). Out of the 52, 15 boats did not finish in time. Skerries boats struggled in these conditions initially, but we had some reasonable results: Bill Staunton 7th overall, Sean Waddilove 11th, Ben Walsh 16th (1st Junior) and Nell Staunton 29th (7th Junior). Despite 2 capsizes, Ros Morgan kept going, and was unlucky to be timed out.

After this race, the race committee, decided only Gold sailors would remain out for race 2. However, Skerries sailors did excellent, with Sean securing a 1st place, and Bill an 8th place.

Conditions on the Sunday looked excellent for sailing. Sunny, with winds dropping down later in the day.

Race 3 got underway at 11am. Sean continued on from his great performance from previous day, with a 1st place,
with Bill in 16th. This race was actually Race 2 for those sent in the previous day (Silver fleet). Ben Walsh secured a 2nd place in Junior Silver, with Ros putting his bad luck behind him, securing a 4th place. Nell came in 12th (of 22 Junior Silver).

Race 4 saw the winds lighten, and the course was shortened shortly after the start. Sean’s great performance continued with another 1st, while Bill secured a 16th spot. Ros continued his come back with a 4th place, with Ben 1 spot behind him in 5th place. Nell finished in 15th.

Race 5 also started as a shortened course. Sean finished 2nd this time, with Bill securing a 16th finish (his 3rd one of the day!). Ben was better prepared for the shorter course this time, and finished 1st Silver. Ros finished 6th, with Nell in 11th.

The wind picked up slightly for Race 6, so the course was returned to its’ original length. Sean finished 5th in this race, but had done enough to secure an overall 1st place for the event. Bill finished 22nd in Race 6, using this as his discard, and finished 13th overall. In the Silver fleet, Ben finished 5th, with Ros in 7th and Nell in 15th. Overall, Ben had a 2nd in Junior Silver fleet, with Ross in 7th place, and Nell in 13th (ironically the same position as her older brother in senior fleet!).

It was great to see Skerries so well represented in the prize giving, but it would be even better if we could get some Skerries boats competing in the Regatta fleet!


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