Junior Boat – The Mirror


The Mirror was first promoted as a boat that would provide Mirror Sailing Dinghyaffordable sailing enjoyment for the whole family. In many countries the role has shifted to that of a youth training boat. This trend is evident in the results of international competition. The last six Mirror World’s have been won by young adult helmsmen.

Mirror trained sailors go on to compete successfully in other classes such as the 470, 420, Fireball International and gold in the Olympics.

  • The Mirror dinghy has full adjustment on all three sails.
  • The boat can easily be handled by lightweight crews. It is stable yet challenging to sail.
  • The Mirror dinghy is a logical boat for a young Optimist sailor to graduate into.
  • With World Championships being held every two years, there is an opportunity for World Class competition.

The mirror dinghy equips young sailors with the ability and the environment to learn tactical and crew relation skills that no other class can match to the same extent.