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Isle Of Man - Cruisers
(1) The second Sapphire Series Offshore Race - and cruise in company - to Peel is now only ten days away. For some skippers this will be the first time to sail to the Isle of Man, and I put together some notes which are attached, I hope they may be helpful. They are also intended to outline options at a planning meeting after racing on Wednesday 29th May. Skippers intending to race or cruise to Peel, please let me know so that I give Peel Harbour Office the numbers.

(2) Tomorrow, Tuesday evening, Brian Lennon will crane in Blue Air. Other boats will also crane in and Jim Boylan will raise Shockwave's mast - good luck to everybody. Pascal Fischer sent the photograph below of another boat on a flatbed. Glad it didn't crane-in here, the €60 would hardly cover it.
Best regards.

Garry Owens, Cruiser Class Captain.

Crew Declaration Form
  Crew Declaration Form
This must be completed as a soon as possible after each club race to get a result.
There is a Wednesday folder, a Sunday folder and an Offshore folder behind the bar.
One page will last a boat one series of races on the same weekday.

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