2016 Cruisers Dinner

A great evening was had by all at the annual Cruisers Prize giving evening on Saturday February 27th last.

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Of special note was the presentation of the Challenge cup in which Philip Jenkinson, grandson of the original 1927 presentor of the cup – Molly Joebges, re-presented the cup to Sean Davis, this years winner.


Spring 2016 Talks Continue

16th March ’16 at 20.30 hrs.   (A 2 for 1 night!)

The Sound of Sikorsky – Paul Hick


A real life Helicopter Rescue experience. Hear about getting towed backwards in a force 11 and being lifted – “the top 2/3 of the spars flared about our heads!

Followed by Sailing Videos – the excitement of sailing – a series of videos on aspects of sailing – Martin O’Toole.

30th March ’16 at 20.30 hrs

Did a 19 year German Girl sailor become an Honorary member of Skerries Sailing Club in 1950?

Irish Press

Hear the story of her epic sailing adventures in an 18 foot boat with her 63 year old father.

French Night

The sound of “La Marseillaise” rang around the club on Friday night Feb 12th at our now bi-annual international social event.

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A great evening of music from the ever popular Genepool entertained our French visitors and many members.  Well done to Kathryn Collins for organising. And to Cliona Boylan and Kathryn for the food.  A great night – pitty about the match………

Winter 2016 Talks Schedule

Our Winter Talks program commences in late January.  Details as below.  All talks begin at 20.30 hrs and are open to both members and non members.  Invite a friend!

20th January ‘16 – The Longitude problem and the development of the marine chronometer by Barry Kenny, Commodore DMYC

P1Determining position east or west was a major problem for all mariners before the end of the 18th century – hear how a Yorkshire carpenter changed all that.

3rd February ’16 – Half Hull Models – the CAD/CAM of the steam age! by Declan O’Bannion, SSC

P2Before modern techniques became widely used, the half-hull or half-model was a key tool, used by Shipwrights, in the design and construction of ships and yachts. Hear how this early tool was made and used.

17th February ‘16Irish Coast Guard – the Organisation, people and resources by Jim Dowling et al, SSC

P3P4 Learn about the history, responsibilities and equipment used.

2nd March ‘16  – Could SSC mount an America’s Cup Challenge? by Gerry Byrne, SSC


The America’s Cup is associated with large swanky and wealthy yacht clubs but a quarter of a century ago events which shook the sailing world to its core demonstrated that even small local yacht clubs can shove their oars into this most prestigious of contests. The SSC’s Gerry Byrne attended one of the America’s Cup’s most bizarre contests, a match which proved that clubs like Skerries are more than qualified to mount a challenge for the Auld Mug


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