Some Updates…..

Please note

  1.  Results for Fireball and Wayfarer Nationals held in SSC recently are available above on the featured tab.  Well done to all SSC participants,
  2. Punting has been included in the Calendar tab (“Calendar Including Punting“) as above (ignore sidebar).  Please note that due to weather and changing events Punting can be a moveable feast and every attempt will be made to keep all informed via this website, your regular Newsletter and on SSC notice board, and
  3. Your WindGuru’s weather station as available on all pages of this website and directly is currently, due to mechanical difficulties, reporting lower than actual wind speeds.  After three years of constant working some repair work is required and hopefully will be completed within the next few weeks when parts arrive.  Note that wind direction and temperature are accurate.  We will advise when normal working is restored.    Now Repaired – Thanks to Michael Johnson!