SSC – Return to Sailing Scheme Phase 1

Can you interpret the message? (thanks to Liam Dinneen)

Irish Sailing have published their interpretation and recommendations for how sailing activities may be resumed for Phase 1 on the 18th of May should the RNLI and Coastguard Advisory notice be amended before then. A Phase One (provisionally 18th May) roadmap for return to sailing outlines activities and compliance. The SSC sailing committee has met to interpret the roadmap for Phase One and makes the following recommendations.

From the 18th of May: for members living within the 5Km restriction zone:
> The boat yard and rear shed will be open to facilitate boat maintenance ensuring full compliance with social distancing; no more than 4 people should gather. Please be aware that no insurance cover is available for contracting COVID-19 while using the facilities or services of SSC. Everyone that enters SSC is responsible for their own actions and safety and must fully comply with COVID-19 procedure guidelines and protocols.
> To facilitate traceability entrants to the boat yard are requested to log in and out.
> No club facilities will be available.
> The punting service cannot operate in phase one.
> SSC will not be providing supervised activity for single handed or household multi handed sailing. Members should follow the fundamental principles for deciding to go afloat and do so at their own risk.
> SSC boats will not be available for hire during phase one.
> The Cruiser crane in may take place but SSC can not provide a punting service at this time.

Provisionally Phase two return to sailing commences on the 8th of June. The Sailing committee will meet again before this date to analyse the roadmap for phase 2.

Brian Mc Nally
Vice-Commodore/Sailing Committee.