SSC – Return to Sailing Scheme Phase 3

The following document has been prepared based on latest guidance from the Government of Ireland and Irish Sailing (ISA). With that in mind the Commodore and Committee of Skerries Sailing Club is committed to ensuring compliance with Government pandemic emergency regulations and with the subsequent recommendations of sailing’s governing body, Irish Sailing, but warns members that these provide no guarantee that they will not contract Covid-19 while attending Skerries Sailing Club or participating in racing or volunteering in rescue boats. However, it is the duty of every member while on the SSC premises or on the water participating in SSC organized sailing to uphold personal responsibility to mitigate the dangers of transmitting COVID-19. SSC takes no responsibility should
any person contract COVID-19 on SSC premises or partaking in organized sailing activity.

Please note sailing in SSC is not a zero-risk environment.

Members Responsibility
Below is an assessment that each member should take when considering going racing or self-observed sailing. Please do not attend the sailing club if you or anyone in your household/ close contacts are experiencing any COVID-19 symptoms.

• Changing rooms will remain closed for Phase 3. All sailors should come dressed for sailing and have towels/ necessary material to use for journey home. This will be reviewed for phase 4.
• The Club will continue to remain closed including the bar for phase 3. This will be reviewed for phase 4.
• Bathroom facilities will be available, however, to reduce risk we would ask for members to make alternative arrangement where possible.
• Social distancing ashore in the yard/ on club premises should always be maintained.

On the Water
• The priority for SSC is to run sailing with minimum risk and promotes Social Distancing measures to be maintained and where possible same household crew for multi handers are encouraged.
• Sailing can take place with multi household crewed boats in “Pods” (see Irish Sailing document for definition). It is encouraged that boats are crewed by regular crews as much as possible. It is discouraged that last-minute crews/ swapping crews etc take place.
• Sailing will only take place if the winds are forecast for 15 knots or lower for the hours racing is expected to take place. This is to ensure no unnecessary rescues are forced to take place should the wind be too strong. This restriction will be reviewed for phase 4.
• Racing will be shorter than usual, 30- 40-minute races. It will be recommended to the Race Officers that they use simplified courses such as windward Leeward at least for the first phase. This is to allow minimal contact in rescue and mark laying boats. This restriction will be reviewed for phase 4.
• The Race Officer will have ultimate discretion as to run racing and can cancel at any time should they feel necessary.
• All Rules of racing as published in the 2019 fixtures list are carried forward to 2020.
• Punting will be controlled with small numbers of people at a time, please allow extra time to get to your boat to allow for this. For the safety of the punt driver please maintain social distancing if

Contact Tracing
• All members, helm and all crews, who wish to go sailing must register with the sailing secretary via text on the morning/ evening of the race. Preferably by WhatsApp if possible at 0877150071

Boat Rentals
• Boat rentals are allowed; however we recommend they are only used on a Wednesday or a Sunday during racing, this is to allow for sufficient time in between uses to mitigate the virus staying on the surfaces in between uses. However we ask those who rent wash down the boat at the start and end of rental.

ISA Return to Sailing Scheme Phase 3 is available by clicking on link.