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Fireball and Wayfarer Nationals June 2018 – Full Results

A successful event was run over with 9 races for the Fireballs and 6 for the Wayfarers as scheduled and in good sunshine and light winds.  Results as

Fireball Pictures – see Fireball Face page at https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=irish%20fireball%20association


Skerries Sailing Club are please to host the joint Fireball and Wayfarers National event on weekend of Friday 8th June to Sunday June 10th.

Sailing Instructions

Free Sailing Theory Course – Non-Members Welcome

These Classes are now Complete – if you wish to commence practical and fun sailing this summer with other Adults new to Sailing, please contact Helen Ryan at helenita.ryan@gmail.com.

Free Sailing Theory Course at SSC on March 6, 13, 20 and 27.

To reserve a place email: byrnegerardf@eircom.net

On this course, with the aid of film, slides and diagrams, you will learn the parts of a sailboat, boating safety, wind awareness, rigging a boat and steering and tacking and gybing (turning) a boat.

(If weather permits some of the above, including hoisting sails, will take place outside).

We will demonstrate how the wind drives a boat upwind, as well as downwind and show you how to sail a triangular course.

You will also learn how the weather affects sailing, what drives the tides and currents and how they affect sailing.

We will also cover safety, launching a boat and leaving a slipway or beach, as well as making a competent return. How to anchor and moor a boat will also be covered.

We will explain a bit about racing and, for those who prefer more leisurely boating, there will be an introduction to the wonderful world of cruising. There will also be a short module on basic pilotage and navigation.

Participation is free and also open to non-members.

This course will cover similar topics up to the Irish Yachting Association’s Level 3 curriculum although ISA exams will not be held as part of this course.

It will provide an ideal background for taking part in Skerries Sailing Club’s Just Sailing programme where new members can join the club at a reduced (50%) rate and go sailing every Saturday morning.

(For more details see our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/JustSailingSkerries/)

The course takes place each Tuesday night in March (6th, 13th, 20th and 27th) commencing at 8.00 PM. There will be a 10 minutes break for free tea, coffee and cake each evening).

To reserve a place email: byrnegerardf@eircom.net


Skerries Sailing Club are pleased to host the 2017 Dublin Bay Mermaid National Championships in Skerries on the 5th to 11th August 2017.  All 10 races now complete.

Results after Day 6 (races 1 to 10) – Championship ==> Winner Sam Shiels SSC

Daphne ==> Winner Paul Smith RIYC

Designer ==> Winner Paul Browne

Entries as at August 1st –

Press Articles

Day                                    Race                                        Race Time                   HW
Saturday                        Race Office open               11:00 hrs
5th August                    Practice Race                      14:00 hrs                  10:58
Sunday                            Race Briefing                       10:00 hrs
6th August                    Race 1                                      12:00 hrs                  11:43
Race 2                                      ASAP after Race 1
Monday                          Race 3                                       12:00 hrs                  12:23
7th August                    Race 4                                       ASAP after Race 4
Tuesday                          Race 5                                       12:00 hrs                   13:03
8th August                   Crew’s Race                           ASAP after Race 5
Wednesday                 Race 6                                       12:00 hrs                    13:40
9th August                   Race 7                                        ASAP after Race 6
Thursday                      Race 8                                        12:00 hrs                    14:17
10th August                Race 9                                        ASAP after Race 8
Friday                             Race 10                                      12:00 hrs                   14:55
11th August

The following prizes will be awarded:-
Each day: 1st place helm and crew; 1st place Daphne helm and crew; 1st place Designer helm and crew
Crew’s Race: 1st place helm
Overall: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place helm and crew; 1st place Daphne helm and crew; 1st place Designer helm and crew
MSA Trophies: Mermaid Perpetual Trophy, Daphne Cup, Designer Trophy
MSA Trophies (awarded at a later date)
Rockabill Cup, Dorene Cup, North Bull Cup, Mavis Cup. Rush Cup, Bailey Cup (daily cups); Celia Cup (boat finishing 26th), Celia No. 5 (first boat over 40 years old), Masters Trophy (helms over 55), Dorene Models Cup (Crew’s Race)

Saturday     Coffee from 11:00 hrs; bar open 13:00 hrs
5th Aug       Take Away Evening Option*
Sunday         Coffee & pastries before racing
6th Aug        Prize giving 17:30 hrs
Evening meal available in bar from 18:00 hrs
[Book in advance – €10]
Monday           Coffee & pastries before racing
7th August     Burgers available after racing; wet bar downstairs
Prize giving at 17:30 hrs
Take Away Evening Option*
Tuesday            Coffee & pastries before racing
8th August      Burgers available after racing; wet bar downstairs
Prize giving at 17:30 hrs
Take Away Evening Option*
Mermaid Quiz (in aid of RNLI) 20:00 hrs
Wednesday    Coffee & pastries before racing
9th August      Prize giving at 17:30 hrs
Evening meal available in bar from 18:00 hrs
[Book in advance – €10]
Thursday          Coffee & pastries before racing
10th August   Burgers available after racing; wet bar downstairs
Prize giving at 17:30 hrs
Take Away Evening Option*
Shay’s Alternative Prize Giving 20:00 hrs
Mermaid Entertainment & Session
Friday                 Coffee & pastries before racing
11th August   Mermaid BBQ Dinner 19:00 hrs [limited places]
[Book in advance when registering – €25]
Prize Giving at 21:00 hrs
Music & Entertainment
*Take away menus from a range of local food outlets will be in the club. Order by phone and have your order delivered; plates & cutlery available in the club.
Bombay House (Indian); Apache Pizza; Chopsticks; The LEF (Chinese); Brasco’s Restaurant (Fish & Chips)

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