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It’s a way of testing out something before promoting it to the website. It is also a way of summarising the different plugins we are using and what purpose each serves.



This places a login panel on the sidebar.  It’s biggest advantage is that it does not direct the person to the dashboard!!


This plugin facilitates the display of tables of data, usually imported from a spreadsheet.  A big range of options for display are available. (The narrow width of the overall display here is due to the website theme being used and not to the plugin itself.)  Column titles do not display well in some WordPress templates!

Dinghy results for June-July 2016
Sail NoFinish TimeNotesBoatOwnerElapsedHandicapCorrectedTo WinPlacePointsPointsPlaceCommentsPointsPlace 044100
138470:51:06Noel Clarke0:51:0611310:45:111136427113066
149380:44:05Niall McGrotty0:44:059640:45:440:00:322244627442645
141440:52:37Colman Grimes/David Lapin0:52:3711310:46:310:01:303319127913157
1890:56:46AzezzySam Shiels0:56:4611230:50:330:06:024439530333406
140540:57:29Doire Shiels0:57:2911310:50:500:06:235529.4230503449
1730830:56:02John Fitzgerald0:56:0210950:51:100:06:3366611430703362
1850:59:18The MessageRoss Galbraith0:59:1811450:51:470:07:337752931073558
112552DNCAPSEric Quinn10957RDG-Average Points Series(Exclude Discards)5611N
104460:57:43Liam O'Callaghan0:57:4311070:52:080:07:4288651631283463
1738170:59:50Graham Burns0:59:5011360:52:400:08:3099641531603590
140740:59:57Cathal Sheridan0:59:5711310:53:000:08:51101031331803597
1830:59:32WannagoRobert Winters0:59:3211230:53:010:08:481111651731813572
1400:59:33ArianoShay Wright0:59:3311230:53:020:08:491212722031823573
23340:59:38Fin Keleher0:59:3811070:53:520:09:371313701832323578
80450:59:53Gerry Byrne0:59:5311070:54:060:09:521414711932463593
8580:57:55Stuart Burns0:57:559201:02:570:16:21151550737773475
535DNCJohn Fitzgerald104018DNC-Did Not Come to Starting Area6013N
131930DNCStan Shepard109518DNC-Did Not Come to Starting Area5610N
147728DNCMartin O'Brien109518DNC-Did Not Come to Starting Area76.621N
9333DNCPaul Keogh110718DNC-Did Not Come to Starting Area8224N
13131DNCNiall McMahon & Liam Kieran113118DNC-Did Not Come to Starting Area76.621N
13890DNCIan Fitzpatrick113118DNC-Did Not Come to Starting Area86.626N
146DNCFugitivePaul Browne114518DNC-Did Not Come to Starting Area8525N
186DNCGentooBrian McNally114518DNC-Did Not Come to Starting Area5812N
182RETDolphinShay O'Toole114527RET-Retired518H


At present we have a number of different ways of displaying photos, perhaps too many. What we probably need is one method for front page material and another for a more detailed goggle at the galleries!! Here’s an example of the slideshow approach where normally one image is displayed at a time.  This selection has been taken from the existing media gallery.  Move the cursor over the display to pause a slide and for extra options.

This plugin also has a widget which means a slideshow can also be set in one of the side columns.



Determines which categories can be shown or excluded from the home page.


Can display a listing of items in a particular category or categories. Click on the post title to see the full post!

It is possible to display introductory excerpts from postings also.

Here are postings from General News  (showing simple list):

… and here from Cruising (showing excerpts):

  • Tobermory Videos
    In June 2019, Blue Air sailed non-stop from Skerries to Tobermory. The story of this trip is told in two videos. Skerries to Tobermory (20 minutes) https://youtu.be/ptFcunnOGN0 2. Tobermory to Skerries (40 minutes) https://youtu.be/e7MN0OHJHPg
  • Excellent Sailing Simulator
    It's not everyday we see a good sailing simulator come on stream. The ESail simulator is getting very good reviews and deservedly so.  Dowloading is slightly messy in that you need to install a utility called STREAM first but it's worth it.  The cost of the simulator is about €20 and it works in both Apple and Microsoft.  There are no hidden costs and updates will be free.
  • Blue Air’s Trip to Scilly 2018
    Blue Air sailed out of Skerries on Saturday 2nd of June with its crew wondering where on earth we would get to. The fact that the Isles of Scilly had been the intended destination for the previous eight months was no guarantee we would ever reach them, given the previous year's frustrating experiences. In fact, one club member said, with tongue in cheek, that he would probably see us in Scotland! https://youtu.be/ax9W4GRuNyI
    Read the full story below!
  • Glorious Sunny Launch 2018
    The weather could not have been better as our cruisers returned to the water with full approval from the local seals. Fair Winds, Cheap Diesel and Sane Skippers for 2018!
    It’s that time of year again! Saturday 21st April! Remember to let the Cruiser Captain know (robbiekeys3@gmail.com) if you intend launching on that day. Remember too your insurance documents to show to a representative of Fingal County Council on the pier. You might also want to use a Pre-Launch Checklist! Whatever you do, safety is number one! Have a successful launch ...
    The now annual Irish Boat Jumble takes place on 15th April in Carrickfergus Sailing Club, Co. Antrim. Starts at 10.30 am. Carrickfergus is 165km from Skerries (by road) and is about a 2 hour journey. Here’s a chance to see the beautiful coast along the northern side of Belfast Lough. See Carrickfergus Club Website.
  • Isle of Man via Howth
    Last weekend (19-21 May 2017) saw an interesting collaboration with Howth Yacht Club.  HYC member Jill Somerville had organised to take a group of transition year students by boat to the Isle of Man.  As they needed extra boat space, Blue Air was invited to join the expedition. https://youtu.be/QRiV1je4h1I Blue Air sat out for Howth on Thursday 18th at 15:00 and left Howth with most of the other boats on Friday morning around 05:00.  Each boat carried 2-3 students, most of these aged 16 years.
  • A Pontoon for Drogheda!
    Louth County Council have approved a pontoon for the port of Drogheda, to be located on the south side of the river near Scotch Hall and to be ready in time for next year's Maritime Festival!
  • Barnageeragh Picnic!
    An invasion of dinghies and cruisers descended on the quiet bay at Barnageerah on Saturday 13th August 2016.  This event had been organised by cruiser captain Kathryn Collins and, by all accounts, was a big success.
  • Sail Trim Tips
    Two video clips that contain tips about sail trim and come highly recommended by Paul Harrison.


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